mapTahiti and Her Islands are what you’ve always imagined the South Seas to be – an idyllic getaway from the stress of the modern world, resembling heaven more than earth. The palm-fringed beaches of Bora Bora are the perfect launch into the striking coral reefs, abundant with colorful marine life. Moorea’s deep and spectacular bays are surrounded by green-covered mountains that rise from the bottom of the sea, and the panorama from Belvedere Lookout is breathtaking. Tahiti, the largest island, is for the couple who wants to try a little of everything that the modern and natural worlds have to offer.

During your honeymoon in Tahitian islands, you can spend endless days snorkeling and diving, or swimming side-by-side with turtles and manta rays. Feel the cooling breeze in your hair as you parasail or jet ski. Check out the local markets for original art, pearls and wooden carvings. Sample fine dining with influences from France and the South Pacific, and stay in accommodations ranging from exquisite beachside resorts to intimate bungalows. No matter which island you visit, you’ll find the same untouched environment that inspired the great paintings of Gauguin, and countless others.


The beautiful island of Tahiti, encircled by black sand beaches and a crown of steep majestic peaks, is the largest and most diverse of the Polynesian islands. Some aspects of Tahiti are quite modern, such as its unique entertainment events, animated nightlife and museums. There is a tremendous range of hotels and moz_sheratonfine international cuisines available to guests of all tastes. Papeete is the capital and reveals its own special surprises like its colorful public market, its world-class boutiques and spas, and its month-long Heiva festival of Tahitian folklore, music and dancing. Your options in Tahiti are as broad as your imagination, whether it is natural, nautical or cultural.


For many people, the name Bora Bora brings thoughts of jumping off life’s treadmill and moving to an island paradise. In fact, the romantic and the world-weary have sought out this magical island for decades. Bora Bora is entirely surrounded by a world-famous lagoon, colored a light shade of blue so striking that it resembles something outside of nature. The lagoon’s overwater bungalows give the expression ‘close to nature’ literal meaning, as guests can almost literally roll out of bed into a refreshing swim or any other watersport. All this is situated under the watchful eyes of Mt. Pahia and Mt. Otemanu – two green peaks that rise like exotic island gods, just waiting to be hiked and explored.


Moorea has always been the choice of painters and writers, soaring out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet pinnacles. A wide, shallow lagoon surrounds the mountains where threads of waterfalls tumble down fern-softened cliffs. Moorea is circled with simple pastel-painted villages, surrounded by hibiscus gardens and exotic birds. Eco-tours are a popular way to take in natural wonders such as these, and other pursuits like whale watching and hiking the legendary Opunohu and Cook Bays. For those less adventurous, Moorea’s white sand beaches and golf course are nice, laid-back alternatives.


While Huahine has all of the natural beauty of the other islands, this one is more remote and may be the best ambassador of Tahitian culture, archaeology and mystery. The island is home to the largest concentration of pre-European ancient temples known as marae, of which local guides are quite knowledgeable. A small, letahaaresortscenic road runs throughout Huahine, giving you a glimpse of beautiful vistas and quaint villages where local arts and crafts are displayed and sold. Vacationers often rent their own transportation to travel this road, and to visit the banana, coconut, and melon plantations that make the air so fragrant.


Taha’a is known as the Vanilla Island because the air is filled with the strong aroma of the beans from its many vanilla plantations. Many visitors take a strong interest in the island’s other major export by visiting one of its many pearl farms, whose product is legendary for its superb quality, visual appeal and value. The Taha’a lagoon is a giant natural aquarium of colorful fish and enchanting coral gardens where you can feed rays and swim with dolphins, or perhaps cruise in a canoe or catamaran. If it’s absolute seclusion you seek on your honeymoon, explore one of the many tiny islets called motu – often the perfect spot to picnic under a coconut tree, snorkel around the island or relax with a book.


FUN FACT: In Tahiti, it’s common for women to walk around with a fragrant white blossom called a tiare, the island’s national flower, behind one’s ear. However, the placement of the flower is very telling, so take note. Placing the tiare on the left side means you are taken, and on the right side means you are available.


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