Antigua’s many beaches—as many as there are days in a year—leave no visitor wanting. This island paradise combines magnificent resorts, impeccable service, and pristine, aqua-blue waters combined with lustrous sands and soothing trade winds. When you choose to have your wedding or honeymoon in Antigua it will actually help you relax and restore your sense of peace.



Antigua is also great if you prefer the more active life by offering a plethora of reefs and marine life to explore just off shore. Combined with the island’s Caribbean laid-back atmosphere, your romantic getaway can be as active or relaxing as you wish.






FUN FACT: Despite having a small population, Antigua has produced some of the world’s best cricketers, and many still live there. For those who prefer their sports to be less strenuous and serious, however, Antigua also hosts crab-racing contests once a week.



Every resort that we recommend is carefully selected for our couples in order to assure you the most romantic experience. We’ve listed a few of our favorite romantic resorts below (in no particular order.




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Weddings in Antigua

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1There is a registration fee of $40 that must be paid at the courthouse in the new government buildings on Queen Elizabeth highway

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1The application fee for the special marriage license is $150 and the Marriage Officer’s fee is $50

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1You will both require valid passports for proof of citizenship

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1If either of have been previously married then the original divorce decree will be required, or in the case of of a widow or widower, the original marriage and death certificates

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1Both parties must be over the age of 15, and if under 18 written authorization from your parent or guardian is required

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1Ensure that all documents are in your legal name, and provide affidavits in cases where you are known by another name

hibiscus-clipart-picture7-1Your marriage must be solemnized or celebrated in the presence of two or more witnesses, other than the Marriage Officer

 DISCLAIMER: While we try our best to keep our site updated with the most current legal requirements & resort package details, it is possible that laws or details have changed since our last update. We encourage you to confirm all legal requirements and package inclusions with your wedding coordinator prior to making your final decision on a wedding destination.